The “Now” thoughts are your only thoughts…

“Whatever you think is true”

Who has heard that quote before? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t.

But either way is it possible that those 5 words apply to anyone and everyone all of the time?

Take a look at this famous image.

young or oldIf you see a young lady then this is true!
If you see an elderly lady then this is true too!

For those who have seen it before think back to when you first saw it.

Which lady did you see first?
Doe this say anything about how you “see” things …… your world?…..your life?

Our brain picks up an image and processes it….old lady, young lady, bad drawing, clever drawing, simple picture, work of art.

Depending on our conditioning and belief system we saw something, we interpreted it,….and decided it was true

….until someone pointed out a different way to see it.

Think about your own life today. How do you see it and what do you believe to be think is true

And is it really true or are you comfortable believing what ever you think is true?

What would you do today to test what you think, so that you could move to a different place in your life, perhaps a better place

Because you are where you are because of the images you hold.

And whatever you think is true