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Succeed at anything with the right mindset.Stuart
Let Stuart Harris help you to structure success-oriented personal self-development practises.

Hi I’m Stuart and its nice to meet you here at Attainment Mindset – Success Coaching
I am really inspired by the proven fact that everyone has the capability to be exactly what they want to be, earn what they want to earn, and live the life that they think is beyond them. It’s unfortunate how our early life conditioning really blocks our creativity, motivation, and energy, setting a non-existent glass ceiling to our personal development, our concept of attainment, our natural ability for success.
My Google+ presence – Personal Success Coaching – is set up to provide connectivity to the tested pathways by which anyone can source and access the very material that motivates you to create a permanent attainment mindset, and personal success beyond the perceived ceiling.

You are made to succeed.


We are what we think, and if you examine this statement then you can only come to one answer – that this is true. There is only levels of success, and failure is only the term applied to the level where we miss an expectation.

True personal development is to change how we think to an success mindset. You have already experienced this through the formative years, and especially through school, and despite how you felt about this part of your life, you became who you are over a journey of change brought about by the education process you experienced.

You are a Success Product already

sha2As we progress through life, our personal development is impacted by the predisposition to a working class society, restricted by a time-for-money paradigm, and a limited resource mindset. And yet within this we continue to prove success in our functions, all be it that is contained within our perceived glass ceiling.
You are not meant for this.

Your personal development has no boundaries – don’t let it have any.

In my journey, I am experiencing being an author, a speaker, a marketer, and a coach/mentor. And through my journey I am learning and growing to new levels of attainment within each of these titles. This experience allows me to walk my talk, and permits me unlimited self improvement. It also allows me to help you to find what you want and set in motion the attainment mindset and personal development actions that will engage life in the way you would like it.

It enables me to show you how to

Become the successful person you always wanted to be

Who is Stuart and why “Personal Success Coaching”

I am a conservative, steady as she goes, cover all bases, father of 5. Anyone of those 5 may never agree with me, but who can argue with kids :o). In conjunction, I am a happily married husband to a beautiful friend, and she has been on a journey of transition together since we met. I like being with all family, entertaining, holidaying, and of course, traveling. When all of these combine it’s always a lot of memorable fun.

I have always enjoyed helping and motivating people with mindset coaching, and have felt the most comfortable when coaching or teaching those who have been keen to engage the personal development challenge. In managing large-footprint supermarkets after leaving


university I quickly developed my all-round business capabilities and people management skills. Supermarkets tend to throw up a variety of personality types, and requires a broad capacity in business coaching. Motivating people in this environment is as tough as it gets.

Leaping with faith into Information Technology changed the wall colours significantly, particularly when transitioning from being a managing director of a medium size business to an small businesses account manager for an international computer retailer. Very humbling!

The next 20 years exposed me to the channels, commerce, and politics of corporate IT world. And through all that I became a Dead Man walking. Not dead in a physical sense, but in a living sense. The daily grind sense – I think you know what I mean. A servant to
the process!

I was 46 when I woke up. There wasn’t just a better life, but a better journey.
Which is why I teach and coach Personal Success Coaching and Life Breakout courses. Its never too late, and if you are resonating with this then NOW is a good time.
Zip over to to get started – BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!

Your life will be much better for it.