How to break away from deluding paradigms

What causes some to succeed with their dreams and many to fail? What causes people to give up? What causes people to not even try? Have you ever wondered about these questions and why you are where you are today?

The biggest problem we all face is conditioning. Yes I know, you have heard it all before. But the conditioning is really the only external factor that you could assign blame if you were really that way inclined. Because for a large part of your early life you really do not have control over your conditioning.initial success process

And if its not right from the start, then chances are you will struggle to identify this later in your life. The reason for this is there are some simple but sizeable changes that are required to happen first. These are;

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  • To realise that something in your development has conditioned you in a certain way
  • To identify that this conditioning may have a big impact on your results to date
  • To develop an understanding that changing mental processes can alter your conditioning and therefor your results
  • To implement changes to your thinking that will shift your thoughts, activities, and results
  • To accept the new possibilities and apply enabling beliefs


Even if you are somewhat successful you can be much more successful

We are all affected by our paradigms, and even the ones we feel have worked for us could still be extremely limiting. In fact we are often deluded by our personal paradigms, successful or otherwise. They are derived from images in our mind that set our belief patterns and our behaviour patterns

The good news today is that there is more abundant material available to help break the paradigms than ever before. Its readily accessible, and in many cases does not cost much either. You could even say that there is an awakening occurring.

Even better news is that we all have a very powerful free computer and its been there all along. It will do as we will of it and it will create our success if we program it correctly. And like any computer in the electronic world, a change to the software allows you to create different outcomes.

And its easy to do by following 3 simple steps…


1)      Accept that there was conditioning and open up to review of everything you learnt

Stop to reflect on how you see everything, what brought you to this place, and who caused the results you have today. Ask yourself if there is someone you know that is in a better position than you, and reflect on why that is so

2)      Determine to understand how your brain works and what is required to create your success outcomes

Many of us have no real idea of how we internalise conditioning, and why it manifests the outcomes we have. The conscious and success brainsubconscious mind are the drivers to what is happening, and to learn how to influence both to create success will be empowering.

3)      Re-program your belief program and internal movie system

Set about making the paradigm shift to give you the results you really want. There are very simple techniques to reprogram the brain so that both the subconscious and conscious drive ONLY for success results.

Make no mistake, these are very powerful and WILL deliver the results that you want in your life. Why? Because your brain is your Secret Place for Success. It is your only place for success.

Look out for upcoming posts on these 3 steps, and how to effect the changes you desire.