2 Simple Techniques for Initiating Desired Life Changes

One of the hardest things to do in life to is change it. Being creatures of habit, and with abundant reasons to stay inside  a comfort zone (even if its uncomfortable) means that it requires an effort to break shackles and adopt new habits.

Many students come to me and ask the question “what do I do to start?” It took me  a while to understand that this is a fundamental question that everyone has to deal with, ….and often have no idea about. Its all very well to say take this course or apply this coaching program. But it’s the start point which is critical.

I’ve created 2 short videos that help with this.

The first is titled “What do I do first”. In this video I set 3 simple tasks that will set the mindset for commencing a change journey, and also get you to think about current behaviours and activities.

Its vital to have a mindset that is accepting and willing and this is required before you do anything else. And understanding that your current thoughts and activities are what is giving you todays results allows you to look objectively at this and begin to see why they don’t help you.

Part 1…

The second video is titled “What do I do to start”. This video moves from a self assessment position to a progressive mindset development practice. Its an elementary process but you can develop your skills and knowledge as you get better at it.

Part 2 …

The content in these videos may not feel like they amount to much but you will find that at the beginning the concepts are easy to adopt and to implement.

If at some point you feel the urge to seek and determine a specific pathway, please feel free to obtain a copy of my book “The 7 Steps to Find Your Life Purpose”. This is just $4.95 at Amazon is a highly effective read that will help you immensely in your commencement journey.