To ‘Achieve’ is in our Psyche

It took me a long time to figure out that you really do need your building blocks in place … for everything.

And look it’s a fully human trait to look for the shortcuts too. This natural process is what helps us to innovate, to find better ways to do things. To make things easier. Even nature looks for the path of least resistance – a river to the sea is a prime example.

For us humans we learned early in our existence that there were easier ways to achieve our needs. Tools, traps, hearths, mud huts etc., are all evidence of our primeval desire to make life easy. Today its phones, computers, planes, and cars, amongst a whole heap of other things. So it’s a cycle in perpetual motion.

But where we come unstuck is the putting in place of the things that are important for us to achieve and to attain. Those things that attainment mindset - path of least resistanceneed to be done in order for us to have the right results, those things that can not be short cut, that must command our absolute focus and energy.

A primeval animal trap was not designed and made successful simply  by throwing a few strands of branches together ( although one could be forgiven for thinking so). It required thought to create, finding the right materials, and a lot of trial and error. This required someone to persist with the process until they successfully caught an animal in the trap.

In the same vein, the iPhone did not come about by someone slapping a tiny circuit board into a slimline container with a glass face. As we all know today, the iPhone concept originated from a lot of ideas, designs, trials, and tribulations; and from a device primarily for playing music. The reality is a lot of energy went into this device in a principle centred application of solid endeavour.

Neither of these devices would have developed without committed and principled process.

In the same vein we cannot expect be who we want to be unless we are prepared to put in place the attributes that will deliver the result that we want. There are fundamental elements that are necessary for you lay the foundation for the success you desire in your life.

What have you set up as your foundation blocks? And do you have a conditioning system that will develop the mind to follow an attainment mindset. These are two questions that I believe most people never consider, but are actually crucial questions about the type of success that we want in our lives.attainment mindset tree

My preliminary research on this has resulted in what I call the Attainment Mindset Tree. (Look out for my course soon to be released). This is the tree that I consider to be an all-encompassing structure for a success oriented mindset.

The four branches of the tree pertain to the success attributes that are crucial for real success in a challenging world. The lower branches are the keys to maximising growth and delivering that growth – personal production and dedicated action. The upper branches – focus and persistence – are the attributes crucial to accomplishing and maximising results.

The roots of the tree are oriented to the inputs required for the mind to optimise in the right mental vibration. This includes knowing your purpose and life mission, feeding the brain the right content, creating original and attainable internal projections, and combining this all in a user-friendly and absorbable conditioning system.

In support of the conditioning system please accept my new and free breakthrough report on the 3 core practises you can apply immediately to set a mindset for attainable success. This is an easy to read 20 page report with solid and factual material, supported by highly effective exercises you can apply from the get-go.

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