The key to fulfilling the life of your dreams

Every day that goes by is a day lost forever!

If you don’t know what that means, think back over your last day. If you were  busy – was it something worthwhile; if you weren’t – what feelings do you have? How quick did it go? And how much of it do you actually remember?

The reality is that its gone now. And the only time you have in your hands is now, today.

The question is, is your activity targeted towards the life you desire tomorrow?

Only you will know the answer to this question, but if it tugs at a nerve then there is a reason for that. And its because the life you should be living is not party to what you did yesterday.mission light

It doesn’t matter what happened in the past and neither does it matter how old you are. And because now is what you have now, then you have all the resource to take action.

What action does it take? The only answer to this is the action that is formed by a mission. And believe it or not we all DO have a mission.

Some of you reading this may in fact have your mission clear in mind and be working to fulfil whatever that mission is. The rest of us need to work this out. And its vital to work this out fast, because its so easy to believe the fallacy that you’ve got time.

Find your mission fast. And you DO know what it is. Tell your self and set about seeking what its is.

Quick method. Imagine you won $5million at lotto. After you have done all the travel, house, car, stuff, what would you do with yourself … other than living on a beach. Take the time to do this exercise, because you have the answer.

Long Method. If it doesn’t come to you via short method, take this free 7 part ecourse to help you to get this sorted. Do it now and get clear with your life mission.

Its not something to put off because half your life passes by and before you know it your looking back on years of mediocrity that you know full well could have been a whole lot better.mission statement

Find your mission fast   …. and commit to it!