Switch on in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

One of the biggest problems we all face is setting our mind to take us forward. Life is always in the way, often in the forms that we enjoy, and this can lead to drops in effectiveness and even just pure paralysis. And as life is cyclic, the problems that crop up in our not so vibrant periods can clamp things up

How do you switch in and set up for productivity and success, no matter what’s going on. Here’s an effective 5 point success mindset countdown.

5. Eliminate all thoughts of can’t

I going to be brutally blunt here. There is a lot of sh12 in your head right now. A lot of why you can’t, its not the right time, too much on, economy is not right blah, blah, blah, blah. But it is only true if you say that its true.

Its your choice. Keep it or dump it. If you have just one thought in your head that is holding you back today, then it is of ZERO value to you right now. And is probably the very most reason for your current results.

Get rid of every “can’t” thought TODAY. Dump the lot.

…..I will no longer allow any negative or cant thoughts

Visualise your outcomeSuccess Mindset - visualisation

The telephone was visualised, the aeroplane was visualised, and the internet was visualised. The problems and and obstacles to these 3 achievements were overwhelming…. To the extent that they would dwarf most of the projects we have in our minds right now.

And yet they started and became real with a visualisation

There is now scientific proof that the mind will switch to accomplish a visualisation that is repeated in the mind daily over a 25-30 day period (space station eye lense experiment). If you visualise a result or an outcome on a daily basis the mind will absorb this as the only truth…. period.

…..Morning and evening, I will visualise only the outcomes or goals I really want

Give your self permission to make mistakes

We are DNA’ed to operate by trial and error. Baby steps is all about trial and error. Every person on this earth today only ever achieved results by trial and error. This means that every endeavour we will ever perform will have MISTAKES. And its OK.

Because the more mistakes you make the faster the time it will take you to get to what you want. Accept right now that mistakes are actually the best activity you could ever undertake. They are GOOD. But be sure to learn from each one.

……I give myself permission to make mistakes on my quests

Expect to go forward

Action only occurs when there is intent to take action. Its rare that anything comes to you while you are waiting. While the universal  law of vibration does cause events and resources to draw to us, our person and our mind must be vibrating towards them. How do you vibrate – YOU MOVE!

Decide here and now that for every visualisation you will apply a daily action to move towards that goal. Uh-uh … no negative thoughts, dump the one that just popped up, I know its there. Minimise it now like the screen on your PC. We are looking for one daily action step, just one.

Apply this mindset every day. No pat on the back until you achieve one go forward activity. Its only a small thing so expect this from yourself as a bare minimum. For those feeling energised already do as many things as you like, but minimum one

…….I will move forward daily, as I expect to

Nothing’ ….is not an option

Finally remember the scene in Apollo 13, Mission control and everyone is working the solution. The director says “Failure is not an option”. I want you to modify this to “’Nothing’ … IS not an option”.

Nothing = No Results = No achievement of visualisation

Who feels good doing nothing when they know they have the potential to achieve anything. As I stated  in my previous post, to achieve is in our psyche, so it goes against the grain to not move towards what we actually want.

……Anytime I do nothing towards my goals, I will identify it, and then double my efforts

These are extremely powerful thinking observations to maintain a success mindset. As you can see there are affirmations that have gone Success on purpose gatewayswith each one. I recommend that you list these affirmations and read them every morning too.

One other factor that is critical for all successful endeavours. The obstacles you encounter with any goal, objective, and visualisation will test your emotions and your resolve. Determine now to see every obstacle as simply a gate in a farm fence.

Actually bring an image of a gate to your mind. Its in your way and it’s a nuisance, because you need to get past. But as we discover with every obstacle, it takes just a few simple movements to get past. Unclip, swing open, swing shut, and reclip.

Every obstacle is simply a gateway. Be persistent and resolve that you will..

……never give up!

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