A simple process to deliver massive results

How powerful is the human mind.  It is definitely much more powerful than we give it credit for, and it definitely shapes everything we do. In fact everything you are today is the result of the output from your own brain.

This may be open to dispute, particularly if you are of the opinion that external factors also affect where you are today. But there is increasing scientific evidence that even external factors are at least influenced by the decisions a person makes personally.

Particle and quantum physics is demonstrating that we as humans interact with our environment at basic particle levels, and the change in the brain as the result of an idea or thought can be seen to influence the particles directly associated – inside our body and more importantly outside.

the power of the mindThe Power of the mind

There are a growing number of people who believe and practise very demonstrably the fact that they can determine there day and outcomes purely by managing thoughts. They couple this with strong belief programming, meditation, and physical manifestation of the thought determinations.

Now if you find this hard to believe, think of a time when you thought of someone and that person coincidently interacted with you within a short space of time.  Or when you thought of something and the topic mysteriously replicated in some form , and you thought that it was strange at the time. This does not happen by chance.

In the same vein, your thoughts determine who you are. Particularly if you repeat the thoughts over and over. This is normal human behaviour, particularly when we believe something is so. Phrases like “we don’t have enough money for that” or “I can’t afford that on my wage” simply reinforce a belief that money is scarce.

All the particles in your brain, in your skull, and then around your skull are receiving this information in a regular vibration. What then occurs is that you never have enough money. Its thought,  Its believed, particles support the belief, and they charge into the hot babe carparkuniverse with that same energy vibration. And the universe delivers.

Unfortunately this material is not taught in school, an its lack of provisioning from a formal educational facility leaves it struggling with veracity. However it is something you can verify for yourself.

[content_box_blue width=”75%”]Here is a little exercise to try. every time you go to the shops expect to get a free carpark space close to the store. Now you need to believe it. If you are testing your theory that it won’t work then guess what… it won’t work.

Try it and see. With repetition and with having the same belief time after time, you will encounter free carpark spaces where you want them, more often over time.[/content_box_blue]

Now if your repetitive thoughts can make this happen, imagine what else could be achieved. As an example you could begin to think, believe, and expect a new job with double the salary. Do not restrict yourself because of your current beliefs. Put it out there and see what happens.

Remember to take the action required. You wouldn’t fins a carpark unless you drove to the shops. Correspondingly you won’t get a new job unless you pursue one in the normal way. So the thought must be accompanied by the relevant action. But believe like nothing before, and expect it to happen.mind influence

Recently a student of mine lost an employment contract position. Immediately she put the process into action, and within 2 weeks she had found a new contract, performed interview and secured the role. On top she had increased her salary by another $20,000 per annum, and all in one of the worst employment regions of the whole country. Totally with the mindset I have just talked about.

Try it in the most believing and committed way and you WILL be surprised.